Update your Details

If you are changing your name, we will need to see documentation (e.g. marriage certificate or deed poll) in order to update your record.

Please note that if you an existing Ashville patient under 60 who has moved out of SW6, you can stay with us if you wish, however, you will need to sign a waiver agreeing to no home visits.  If you live with children who are under 18 (who are also registered with us) and you have moved out of the area, you will need to register at a new GP closer to your new address.

We strongly advise all patients who have moved out of the area to register with a local GP. This is for your benefit  as we may not be able to refer you (or your children / dependents) to services local to your new address. Furthermore, if your health needs increase at some point, it is much safer (for you) to be registered with a GP in your area.

If you over 65, or have complex health needs, you will need to register with a practice closer to your new home. 

About you

Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.

Change of Name

If your name has changed due to Marriage or by Deed Poll, can you please provide us with a copy of the appropriate document (requirement of Department of Health).

Change of Address

Only if they are registered at this practice.

Update Contact Numbers

Next of Kin